By Paul Skeldon

While much of the news around Christmas retail have been a bit downbeat, the revelation this week that Yoox Net-A-Porter saw a massive 96% of its Cyber Monday sales come through mobile largely went un-noticed. The fact that it rounded off a year where the online retailer also rocketed past the 50% of sales being from mobile marks this out as a truly awesome bit of news. But what it really shows is that Yoox knows what customers want.

It seems, looking at the results from across Christmas, that on balance those that have a good online and mobile presence, did better across the board than retailers not famed for being smartphone friendly.

Last week we saw that some top retail names – Next, Adidas and Ticketmaster among them – showing up for losing as much as 8%. This week we see that the likes of Yoox and Arcadia Group are much more mobile-centric and see the smartphone as part of the solution to the falling footfall and click-fall rates that many others are suffering from.

Yoox Net-A-Porter is something of star in pureplay retail circles and from a mobile point of view has really shown that mobile is the future of online retailing. But it is looking at how omni-channel retailers that also have a high street presence use mobile that is going to be key this year to turning around ailing retail fortunes.

While Arcadia Group is trialling how mobile can help contribute data to a project to understand how people shop across stores, the web and mobile devices will, it hopes, deliver…