Whole Foods
A Whole Foods store in Richmond, Virginia.

A Whole Foods store in Richmond, Virginia. Business Insider

  • Barclays analysts visited Whole Foods stores and found “entirely empty” shelves, displays, and hot food bars and produce that “appeared to have deteriorated.”
  • The problem could be indicative of higher shopper traffic at Whole Foods, but also lost sales.
  • “This is a high class problem if in fact sales have really accelerated – but is also an execution issue resulting in lost sales,” analysts said.

Some Whole Foods stores are in disarray with “entirely empty” shelves and deteriorating produce, according to recent store checks by Barclays analysts.

In a research note published Tuesday, analysts said they encountered “high” out-of-stock issues last week in every department of one Midwest store across both private-label items and branded items.

At another store located on the East Coast, which was hit with a winter storm earlier in the week, inventory problems were “extraordinary,” analysts said.

“The store had no bananas and the supply of eggs and Tropicana products was very low,” the Barclays analysts wrote. “Entire displays, refrigerated cases, and end caps were completely empty. The prepared foods hot bar was entirely empty.”

“Admittedly, a winter storm had just impacted the region but we…