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YouTube tightens ad controls

YouTube finally made a meaningful update to how it thinks about monetising content on the video platform. It follows a year that has seen swathes of advertisers boycott the site over mounting concerns about where and when their ads are appearing. The wide-ranging changes include a tightening up of the type of content that adverts can appear next to, manual reviewing of all videos on premium content in Google Preferred, better controls for advertisers and more transparency.

The move shows Google is listening to the concerns of advertisers, certainly much more than it used to. The updates were broadly welcomed by the industry. But there is still some way to go to assuage advertisers’ concerns, particularly around third-party verification on brand safety and quite what form the monitoring of Google Preferred content will actually take.

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Evian joins the fight against plastic waste

The fight to cut down on plastic waste is gaining pace and brands are quickly joining up. The week started with Iceland pledging to cut plastic packaing from its own-brand products by 2023 and was followed by McDonald’s promising that all its guest packaging would come from renewable, recycled or certified sources by 2025.


Another addition to the fight is bottled water brand Evian with its commitment to use 100% recycled plastic in its bottles and pledge to become a “circular brand”. Evian’s move is perhaps the biggest because it is calling on others to join its mission, admitting cutting plastic waste cannot be done on its own and will need the co-operation of governments, big brands and consumers.

It’s true that plastic waste is high on both the political and consumer agenda at the moment. But that doesn’t mean we should see brands’ promises as trying to jump on a bandwagon. As Evian says, “For us, it is part of our DNA…