Compact Refrigerators: High-priced Products with High Sell Rate to Make You Profits

According to SaleHoo’s Market Research Lab, compact refrigerators are hot commodities! These small refrigerators are a staple of college dormitories across the country, but they’re also a great choice for people living in small apartments or tiny homes. And of course, they’re an essential for home entertaining, when you have a wet bar and don’t necessarily want a full-size refrigerator for keeping drinks cold, or a man cave in need of a place to keep beer cold without venturing upstairs. They’re even portable now, so you can take them camping and adventuring!

All this sounds great, but what about making a profit? Let’s take a closer look at whether adding compact refrigerators to your online store could earn you a good profit, based on the results gathered from the Labs.

Types of Compact Refrigerators

Below are a few types of compact refrigerators that you could sell. It’s worth looking at all the varieties because they allow you to target specific markets.

  • Drinks Mini Fridge: These models are designed to store drinks only, as they cannot reach the colder temperatures to safely store food. These types are perfect for home theaters and game rooms, where you might just want to keep something cold to drink close by.
  • Travel Mini Fridge: Heading out on a road trip? Instead of a cooler with ice, look at travel mini fridges, perfect for storing food and drinks while traveling. These models run off cigarette lighter adapters in your car.
  • Cube Refrigerator: This is the most common type of compact refrigerator, and a staple of college dorms everywhere. Featuring an interior space ranging from 1.5 to 2.1 cubic feet, they are small enough to fit on countertops or even on top of dressers. Some types come with small freezers just enough to store ice.
  • Mid-Size Mini Fridge: Larger than cube-types with interior capacity starting at about 2.6 cubic feet, these models feature more shelves and more space. Some models feature an adjustable thermostat, a small, separate freezer, and/or an automatic defrost.
  • Counter-Height Fridge: Designed to fit snugly under a countertop with an interior capacity from 3.5 to 4.5 cubic feet, these models often feature a drinks dispenser or even a vegetable crisper. These types sometimes feature a double door and can be used as a back-up or secondary fridge.

Why Sell Compact Refrigerators?

Below are 3 examples of successful compact refrigerators based on the Lab‘s data. This is a great way to check out their profitability based on success rate, competition, and average selling price.