Get Personal: How Online Retailers Can Master the Art of Personalization

People say, “Cash is king.” And while that is accurate, in today’s world, so is convenience. For years, e-commerce has offered newfound convenience through online shopping. Besides being able to shop 24/7, not waiting in a line and avoiding crowds has given it an advantage over the traditional retail experience. Through all of these benefits, however, one problem persists: lack of personalization.

For years, online retailers have struggled to create an experience that is relevant for buyers. Today’s shoppers highly value BOTH convenience and customization. As such, the ability of retailers to finally marry the two will be the solution to the famous problem plaguing e-commerce right now.

In fact, in the Business of Fashion and McKinsey 2018 State of Fashion report, survey respondents identified personalization as the number-one trend of 2018. The report found that 70% of U.S. consumers expect a degree of personalization from online businesses. This is one aspect that brick and mortar does well. Enterprises have flourished off knowing customers’ names, favorite products, language, etc. For most, success comes not only from understanding, but also from being able to use their knowledge of the customer to create a thoroughly engaging experience that is tailored to their needs, desires, and wants.

Customers all around the world expect personalization irrespective of whether they are interacting with a brick and mortar business or an e-commerce store. “Connected customers want to be heard, understood, remembered, and respected,” according to Devon McGinnis, a marketer. “Ultimately, they want to be treated like people – and smarter…