The nation’s largest supermarket retailer is outfitting more stores with technology designed to eliminate checkout lanes.

Throughout 2018, Kroger Co. will deploy its Scan, Bag, Go shopping technology in 18 operating divisions, making the service available to customers at 400 stores. The expansion is based on a successful 20-store test.

Kroger will roll out the technology at select locations in the following divisions: Atlanta; Central; Cincinnati; Columbus; Dallas; Delta; Dillons; Fred Meyer; Fry’s; Houston; King Soopers; Louisville; Michigan; Mid-Atlantic; Nashville; Ralphs; Smith’s; and QFC. All chosen locations will launch the technology by the end of the year.

“Kroger is redefining the customer experience and reimagining the store of the future,” said Chris Hjelm, Kroger’s executive VP and CIO….