Ryanair wants to become the “Amazon of travel”, but its chief technology officer admits there are hurdles the budget airline must overcome before it gets there – starting with the marketing department.

Echoing a challenge that a number of businesses face, John Hurley says there is a disconnect between Ryanair’s technology and marketing teams, as marketers “fall in love with technology and rush for the holy grail”.

“What are we still confused by?” Hurley asks. “The marketing department. That’s the biggest challenge we have.

“Marketing want perfection, they want a beautiful product that’s shiny. Technology wants to go quickly, learn, iterate and improve and use that for feedback, as opposed to picking the perfect solutions. All that matters is the bit at the bottom, two to three days of work; get it live, react and respond and keep it going.”

Hurley was speaking at Mobile World Congress 2018, where he explained how Ryanair has used digital over the past four years…