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  • After taking shots at McDonald’s on social media for years, Wendy’s is launching a full-on assault against its competitor in the form of a national TV campaign, including the Super Bowl.
  • The ads are replete with Wendy’s characteristic tongue-in-cheek sass, and borrow heavily from text-heavy videos on social media.
  • It is part of the fast-food chain’s push to highlight that its beef patties are fresh, and not frozen like its competitors’ patties.

Wendy’s is taking its beef with McDonald’s to national TV — literally.

“The iceberg that sank the Titanic was frozen, too,” Wendy’s said in a Super Bowl commercial that took a shot at McDonald’s beef.

And later in the game, when TV screens went dark for a few seconds, Wendy’s took another dig at McDonald’s, asking the brand if it was responsible with the tweet: “Y’all freeze that live feed?”

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The fast-food chain has launched a whole new TV ad campaign to…