• BrewDog released a “beer for girls” called Pink IPA, intended to satirize the beer industry.
  • However, many women saw the beer as part of the problem.
  • One Twitter user responded: I’m “so tired of brands doing lazy stunts in the name of equality & then when it falls flat trotting out the old ‘oh nooo we were doing an irony!! we’re good!!'”

BrewDog’s attempt at a “satirical protest beer” for girls is falling flat for many women.

On Tuesday, the craft brewer released Pink IPA, a beer “satirically dubbed Beer for Girls.”

“BrewDog will be using its most iconic beer, Punk IPA, as a weapon in this fight, packaging it in lurid pink and renaming to Pink IPA – a send-up of the lazy marketing efforts targeting the female market,” the brewer said in a statement.

The company is also serving the beer at 80% of its standard price to customers who identify as women, as a nod to the gender pay gap, as well as donating…