A new startup has developed a “styling game” that claims to not only solve the challenge consumers face finding items that pair well together but feeds cross-sell recommendations to retailers as well.

Trendage’s insights are powered by its game app, Style Challenge, which enlists millions of community members to determine which clothes, accessories and shoes from leading brands match, building various outfit combinations on a virtual model that are shared and rated by the Trendage community.

“The game is immensely addicting and a fun way for shoppers to discover new products online in an engaging manner,” according to Trendage’s press release. In January, Trendage’s community created more than three million customized outfits.

The application uses machine learning to automatically generate data that helps customers “complete the look” based on the choices of its community.

For Women’s Wear Daily, Adriana Lee wrote, “It’s easy to see how this…