By Paul Skeldon

With so much attention on Amazon Go reinventing the grocery shopping business, Britain’s own Co-op has quietly been moving retail into the 21st Century and today unveils pay-in-aisle check out technology.

Time-pressed shoppers will soon be able to pay in the aisle and avoid visiting a till all together as they use their own phone to purchase goods at the Co-op with an innovative App built with Mastercard’s secure digital payments expertise.

The ‘shop, scan and go’ initiative is being trialled at the Co-op’s store located at the retailer’s support centre in Manchester, with a wider roll-out beginning as early as this summer which is expected to include a further trial at the Co-op’s store located in the UK HQ of Microsoft.

The innovative move, which harnesses the latest technology, allows customers to scan products on their own device as they walk around the store – known as a “frictionless shopping experience”. When they have finished shopping, the amount they owe will then be deducted from their account with a single click.

The community retailer is seeing the number of cash transactions in its stores rapidly reduce in favour of alternative payment methods. Cash transactions have dropped by more than one fifth over the last five years, with a 15% reduction in the last 18 months alone.

Matthew Speight, Director of Retail Support at the Co-op, explains: “It is a…