The digital ecosystem, with all its fraud, viewability and brand safety issues, is increasingly seen as a murky and challenging place for brands to be. And with Procter & Gamble saying this week it is planning to slash “wasted” digital media spend by half, many other marketers will no doubt be wondering whether they should be pulling the purse strings and following suit.

Diageo, however, is not one of them. Its head of global digital media partnerships, Jerry Daykin, says he is confident it is approaching digital in a “controlled and pragmatic” way that is allowing it to do “really great marketing” while minimising the risks associated with online advertising and, importantly, driving sales.

“We use programmatic on very direct partnerships we have with pages and clients and platforms where we know what they are,” Daykin said at the Guardian’s Changing Media Summit today (7 March).

“That doesn’t take out all the risks…