New Ecwid Features Winter 2018

This digest arrives quarterly to inform you about all the Ecwid changes.

What’s inside:

  1. For Developers

New Selling Tools for Facebook

67% of respondents to our recent blog readership survey (thanks for participating, guys!) use social media to promote their stores, making it the most popular marketing activity for small businesses.

Now you can go beyond likes and shares on social media. “Sell on Facebook” is our new set of tools for you to:

  • Sell across devices with a new, mobile-friendly shop section on your FB business page.
  • Run automated dynamic ads and many other FB ad formats.
  • Retarget your store visitors on FB and optimize ads for conversions with the Facebook pixel integration.
Facebook shop
A Facebook shop section

Exporting your Ecwid product catalog to Facebook will take one click (literally). You can do it in Control Panel → Sell on Facebook.

As soon as you export your products to Facebook, you can use your Facebook Product Catalog to run dynamic ads. If you want to retarget your store visitors, install the Facebook Pixel by simply copy-pasting the Pixel ID into your control panel.

If you already sell on Facebook with our old Facebook Store app and want to switch to the new, mobile-friendly store that is integrated into many FB ad formats, enable the new integration in Control Panel → Settings → What’s New.

The new “Sell on Facebook” integration is available on all paid Ecwid plans.

Sell on Amazon

Selling on Amazon is similar to renting a boutique in a large, popular mall — at a lower cost. alone counts 300 million users. What makes this marketplace such a giant? Well, its polished interface, global reach, reliability, and great features like two-day shipping or rich customer reviews, to name a few reasons.

Selling products from your Ecwid store on Amazon is like having a celeb cousin. You get your piece of the fame pie by simply hanging out with them. Your Amazon products receive traffic, even if your brand name is not a buzzword. As long as you sell good products for reasonable prices, Amazon’s hungry audience will discover them.

Ecwid’s new integration with Amazon is powered by Codisto.LINQ, a company that professionally connects e-commerce platforms with marketplaces. It not only allows you to export your products to Amazon, but also to stay synced.

It means:

  • Protection from overselling: as soon as someone buys your product on Amazon, your Ecwid inventory is updated (and vice versa).
  • No manual work: your product catalog is automatically synced with Amazon, releasing you from spending hours on uploading your products.
  • Competitive deals on Amazon: set different prices for products on your Amazon listing to compete with other Amazon sellers.
  • Easily discovered products: customize your product titles and descriptions with keywords that work best on Amazon to help customers find your deals.
Codisto.LINQ interface
Codisto.LINQ page in Ecwid control panel

Start selling on Amazon in your Control Panel → All Sales Channels → Amazon. (Available on the Business plan and higher. See the Codisto.LINQ pricing).

Sell on eBay

eBay is one of the busiest marketplaces out there. It has very few barriers to entry, making it very easy to start selling. Popular among geeks and DIYers, eBay is a perfect home for handcrafted, unique, or rare products.

Our new eBay integration is also powered by a professional service, Codisto.LINQ. It allows selling on eBay directly from your Ecwid control panel. Keep your inventory synced and customize your products to make them more appealing to eBay shoppers: change prices, titles, descriptions, shipping and return policies, etc.

Start selling on eBay in Control Panel → All Sales Channels → eBay.

Hint: If you have lower volume sales or just want to test new products, there’s a free Amazon & eBay integration in Ecwid. Trimpo is an app in the Ecwid App Market that supports listing on those marketplaces (currently in a free beta version). The Ecwid App Market is available on all paid Ecwid plans.

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More Streamlined PayPal Checkout

Ecwid’s integration with PayPal has now been updated to the latest version — all without extra actions on your side. This update brings in a new, convenient shopping experience to your customers.

Checkout within your website. The enhanced In-Context Checkout gives your customers a simplified checkout experience that keeps them local to your online store.

PayPal Checkout
Source: PayPal

Before, your customers were redirected to a full-screen page to authorize their payment with PayPal. Now, it happens in a small mobile-friendly pop-up window. It means less distraction for your customers and more completed purchases for you.

Faster checkout flow. Streamlining your checkout process is an essential part of conversion optimization. One Touch™ Checkout allows your customers to log into their PayPal accounts automatically, skipping the login process and entering their billing info.

It’s still the same secure PayPal services, so you don’t have to worry about your customer data.

Paypal checkout button in store
PayPal Checkout button on the cart page in Ecwid

Connect your PayPal account to Ecwid in Control Panel → Payment. It’s simple: you will need nothing more than your email address.

Control Panel Updates

We’ve completely overhauled the control panel so that the full update was worth another blog post (it explains our motives for each improvement). We’ll keep the long story there — below are the updates that happened afterward: