Google Looks to Turn Product Searches into Cash

Maybe Google needs increased revenue to equip their Silicon Valley headquarters with more nap pods, build a new gym, or to start an organic farm on-site for employees? Or, maybe they’re just trying to level the online marketplace playing field? The answer is actually the latter, as the search engine giant has joined forces with several retailers to increase the likelihood that consumers who search for a product they carry, will in fact buy it from them instead of Amazon. In this effort, they will also make a pretty penny for the retailer as well as themselves, according to Reuters.

Increasing Competition

Turns out, this new alliance is intended to sway customers’ purchasing decisions, but also enable retailers to challenge Amazon. Some of these retailers include Walmart, Costco, Target, and Ulta Beauty. A CNBC report claims that the newly launched program will allow the complying retailers to list their products on Google Express, an e-commerce shopping and shipping service similar to Amazon Prime. But unlike Amazon Prime, Google Express does not require users to pay for a subscription.

Retailers can also list their products on Google Search and Google Assistant on smartphones and voice devices. In return, Google will take a cut of the retailers’ purchases on top of payment of placing ads on its platforms. The tech giant asserts that “the listing will appear under sponsored shopping results.” As such, it won’t affect regular search results on Google.

Google Wants What’s Theirs…