Moving the focus of marketing strategy across the Atlantic can involve a big shift in operational thinking. In November, recruitment site Monster relocated its global CMO role to the US following the departure of London-based CMO Andrew Warner after three years with the business.

His replacement is Jonathan Beamer, founding partner of digital media agency Think-Digital and former senior vice president of strategy and analysis at Digitas North America.

Beamer’s strategy is to take Monster back to being a job seeker-focused brand that delivers personalised experience that actually improve the job-seeking process. Reflecting on where the business is in 2018, the new CMO describes Monster as a 20-year digital brand in many cases “still stuck in the dotcom era”.

“I would say we were really successful for the first decade, we were great at evolving with the job seeker and finding the best ways to match what humans can do with opportunities that are out there,” he explains.

“And then I think we took a decade off, since 2009 really, and the global recession at that time really disrupted our business. And as we retrenched and figured out how Monster was going to survive we really shifted our focus away from the seeker. I think we really lost sight of the fact that all the value in Monster is created by making the job seeker’s life easier.”

Beamer describes Monster as being a purpose-driven brand long before that became a trend in marketing, with its focus on improving the unfriendly process of finding a job. He believes Monster has historically had more value when it has been “seeker orientated”, a perspective that informs his strategic shift for the brand.

Monster currently employs 80 marketers globally, with around half in Europe and half in North America. A lot of the strategic development is set on a local level by the marketing directors in each of Monster’s major markets, with Beamer’s European marketing lead, Sinead Bunting, working out of London. Bunting took on the role of vice president of marketing for Europe in November, moving from her position as European director of consumer marketing.

Budget allocation is set depending on the size and nature of the market globally, and then the team consider the channel allocation, strategic context and messaging on a local level. The…