personal data
By Sasha Fedorenko

As retailers look to collect more data on their customers to give them the more personalised experience they say they want, more than half of consumers say they are now willing to share that data – so long as they get something in return.

So finds a new study from, which reveals UK consumers would feel most comfortable with sharing, they (36%) report feeling least reluctant on fitness trackers. Just ranked slightly above by 1%, 37% of UK consumers say that they feel apprehensive sharing data on their mood.

However, 60% of UK shoppers would be most uncomfortable sharing their private conversations from the messaging platforms they are active on. Thereafter, a consumer’s search history from their web browser was the next most cited (51%) source of data that consumers would refrain from wanting to share.

This is backed up by data from Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) that reveals that only one in five UK shoppers have trust in how companies store and use their personal data. These…