Nordstrom Acquires Conversational Commerce, Digital Selling Platforms

To keep pace in the sprint to integrate online and offline shopper experiences at every touch point, Nordstrom has acquired two Seattle-based retail technology startups: BevyUp and MessageYes.

BevyUp is a platform designed to enable sales associates to communicate with each other on the back end, encourage shoppers to share product information with each other and browse items together online. Nordstrom will incorporate the platform into a new mobile app for employees that the retailer will roll out later in 2018.

MessageYes enables retailers and brands to text their customers, leveraging AI and integrated payments. Using the platform, Nordstrom will be able to send shoppers that opt in more personalized notifications while they browse online. Customers can ultimately respond “Yes” to one of Nordstrom’s messages to instantly buy products from their phones.

Historically, the associate-customer connections and conversations about style decisions that Nordstrom prides itself on have only happened in…