• Wells Fargo has some new predictions for which candidate city has the best chance of becoming the site of Amazon’s second headquarters, HQ2.
  • It used its AI technology — called Aiera — to make the predictions, ending up with Boston as a frontrunner.
  • The robot says the next-most likely cities are Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, and Toronto, in that order.

Can a robot predict which city Amazon will choose for HQ2? Wells Fargo thinks so.

The financial services firm let investors in on what Aiera, its machine-learning AI platform, thinks of each city’s chances of getting Amazon’s second headquarters — and the $5 billion and 50,000 jobs that come with it.

According to the robot’s analysis, Boston came out on top, followed by Chicago, Atlanta, New York City, and Toronto.

To arrive at its predictions, Aiera looked at factors like publicly available information about HQ2 — in media…