• Walmart has expanded its robot program to 50 stores across the country.
  • The autonomous robots go up and down the aisles, scanning for out-of-stock items, incorrect prices, and wrong or missing labels.
  • Walmart’s vice president of innovation, John Crecelius, says the retailer is “very excited and very motivated” by the way the program has been performing.

Walmart’s new robot fleet is having an impact on stores.

The retailer has expanded its initial test of its shelf-scanning robots to 50 stores across four states, including Arkansas and California. They’re shaped like six-foot-tall roving towers on wheels and are equipped with cameras that can spot shelving errors. Walmart is working with the fully autonomous robots’ manufacturer, Bossa Nova Robotics, for the program.

The robots scan aisles for out-of-stock items, things that were put in the wrong place by customers, incorrect prices, and wrong or missing labels. They continuously go up and down the aisles of the store, alerting human employees to the errors it sees.

The robots, which are often more efficient than employees performing similar tasks, are designed to free up workers’ time so that they can use it to help customers.

But productivity is not what Walmart has…