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  • Seed, a new company with some big names behind it, is about to break into the $38-million probiotics industry.
  • They aim to rely on real science to create their product, a probiotic designed to support the vibrant ecosystem of bacteria in your gut.
  • Seed’s scientific advisory board includes a microbiologist who chaired the World Health Organization panel that first defined the term “probiotics.”
  • Investors include actors Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel as well as entrepreneur Peter Thiel.

Seed, a new company with some big names behind it, is about to sprout onto the $38-million probiotics scene— with a product that is designed to improve your digestion and health based on scientific research.

As supplements, probiotics are largely unregulated by the US Food and Drug Administration. That means that most of them don’t have any proven scientific results.

Seed aims to be different.

Backed by Cameron Diaz, Jessica Biel, Karlie Kloss, and Peter Thiel’s Founders Fund, Seed is slated to launch this week with a probiotic that is informed by peer-reviewed scientific research. The product’s ingredients were selected based on results of clinical trials.

The company is being steered by a team of scientists who study the microbiome, the delicate ecosystem of bacteria blossoming in our gut. Probiotics are meant to foster that ecosystem.

Ara Katz, one of Seed’s co-founders and CEOs, told Business Insider that the company wants to “improve the standards of probiotics and bridge microbiome science — not the commercialization and the dilution of the term, but actually reclaim the term ‘probiotics’ for science.”

Still, Seed’s probiotics are not drugs. As such, they cannot make claims to treat or prevent any condition or disease. But they can claim to improve overall health — which the probiotics industry thus far has largely failed to demonstrate it can do.

Here’s what to know about the new supplements and what they may be able to do for you.

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