Coty Introduces AR-Powered ‘Magic Mirror’ At Paris Store

Coty has unveiled the Magic Mirror augmented reality (AR) makeup try-on experience at its Bourjois boutique in Paris. The kiosk blends physical and digital experiences: When a customer picks up a lipstick, the kiosk’s computer vision senses which one it is and applies the chosen color to the customer’s image in the Magic Mirror.

Shoppers can complete the look with onscreen eye makeup and blush matched to their individual skin tones. Magic Mirror also features a selfie function that produces an image, containing links to purchase the featured products on the Bourjois e-Commerce site.

A survey of shoppers by Coty found that 72% said they want the in-store beauty experience to be a mixture of physical and digital elements, to make it feel more “real” and “believable.” Additionally, the use of AR technology solves issues of testers not always being available, alleviates hygiene concerns and prevents shoppers’ lips from becoming stained.

“Most women intuitively prefer to play with a lipstick rather than touch a screen, as there is an inherent sensual aspect in cosmetics packaging that no technology can replace, and our new Magic Mirror provides this desired experience to shoppers,” said Elodie Levy, Coty Global Digital Innovation Director in a statement.

The Magic Mirror was developed by Coty in…