Using Social Media for Ecommerce

Social media is not just a great tool to promote your business and draw customer attention. If used optimally, it can also be an effective ecommerce platform for your small business. That’s according to product review and coupon site,

The site has gathered data to show the potential of social media to drive sales.

Social Shoppers’ Spending on the Rise

Data shows Shopify users referred by Pinterest spend an average of $80. Those referred by Facebook spend an average of $40.

Other social media platforms are also driving sales for businesses.

Average order value driven by Instagram is $65. While Twitter and Google+ drive average sales of $46.29 and $40 respectively.

Buyers Have Become More Social

Judging by the growing popularity of social media, it’s no surprise social commerce is becoming bigger every day.

An increasing number of consumers are using social networking sites before, during and after a purchase. The majority…