E-commerce survey of small business owners 2018

Back in February, we conducted an e-commerce survey in the Ecwid blog newsletter.

Over 250 business owners shared how they were doing business, what was going well, what difficulties they were facing, and what plans they had for 2018.

It revealed lots of insights, which are summed up in the infographic below. If you are a fellow small business owner or are going to become one, these insights will help you get an idea of what it’s like to run a small business in 2018.

Infographic: Insights from Ecwid E-Commerce Survey of 250+ Small Business Owners

Survey Findings

Team. The majority of small business owners (70%) are solopreneurs. However, 30% have a team and 13% claimed they were planning to hire staff in 2018. In addition, not hiring enough employees was a common regret among the participants.

Feeling like there’s not enough hours in a day too? It might be time to get help. If you can never get to the end of your routine list, or you tend to implement fewer new ideas, you are less likely to build a healthy business. Employees or freelancers can help you find the time that’s necessary for strategic planning.

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Education. Every second small business entrepreneur has graduated from college. The education process never stops for them, though. Running an e-commerce business is impossible without keeping up with the demand, technology, and trends.

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Gender. Male entrepreneurs still prevail over female entrepreneurs, but the percentage of female business owners has increased by 2% since 2015.