• President Donald Trump has blasted Amazon over the issue of sales tax collection by online retailers.
  • Amazon collects sales tax in the 45 states that have such a tax.
  • The Trump Organization’s online store collects the tax in just two states.
  • Currently, online retailers are not legally required to collect the taxes unless they have a physical presence in the state.

One of President Donald Trump’s most frequent attacks on Amazon is accusing the company of not collecting state and local sales taxes, something his own business’ online retailer does in just two states.

TrumpStore.com, the Trump Organization’s online store, collects sales taxes from purchasers who ship orders to Louisiana and Florida addresses, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant that has found itself in Trump’s crosshairs this month, originally collected sales taxes in just five states. But the company has more recently moved to collect sales taxes from consumers in the…