Monster Energy
Monster Energy has some strange descriptions on its cans.
  • Monster Energy is going viral for a bizarre, ranting description on the back of its “Assault” can.
  • “We’re not for ‘the War’, against ‘the War’ or any war for that matter,” the Monster Energy Assault can reads. “We put the ‘camo’ pattern on our new Monster Assault can because we think it looks cool.”
  • Monster Energy is a beverage-industry success story despite its convoluted catchphrases.

Monster Energy wants drinkers to know that selling an “Assault” energy drink in a camo can doesn’t make the company pro-war. For that matter, it also doesn’t make the company anti-war.

“At Monster we don’t get too hung up on politics. We’re not for ‘the War’, against ‘the War’ or any war for…