Social media ad spend predicted to overtake TV

Despite being at the centre of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, concern over Facebook’s security features is still unlikely to impact social media ad spend, according to recent forecasts.

According to eMarketer social media ad spend is predicted to surpass TV by 2020 with a quarter of all UK digital ad spend (£3.3bn) to be invested into social media platforms this year.

This is despite Facebook facing scrutiny for having the data of 50 million of its users collected by a third-party analytics company Cambridge Analytica with Mark Zuckerberg said to recover from any potential commercial impact of the scandal.

eMarketer has also predicted social advertising spend in the UK to climb 24% by the end of 2018.

Many marketers have already frozen their spend with Facebook thanks to the likes of social media campaigns such as #DeleteFacebook. The social media platform could also see a wider boycott from global advertising giants Unilever and Proctor & Gamble.

Ad spend on social media has already surpassed all forms of advertising, other than TV.

YouTube launches new TrueView ads that optimise reach

Sellers will only pay for certain video ads on YouTube if their video is watched for more than 30 seconds, if its viewed to the end of the clip or if consumers are taking actions such as clicking cards or other elements within the ad.

The video hosting platform, owned by Google, says its new TrueView for reach ads scheme combines the in-stream format of its six-second bumpers with CPM buying in a bid to ensure advertisers can maximise reach for shorter ads.

The move has been introduced about two years after YouTube launched its six-second bumper ads which forced advertisers to learn how to best create brand awareness in a limited time frame.

Advertisers can also now build bumper-like or longer ads to gain broader reach. The longer ads can still be skipped after five-seconds like all TrueView ads. It’s reportedly designed for brands who are comfortable with the TV way of buying.

For example, the advertiser can…