22 Advantages of Importing Goods From China with Platforms You Need to Know

Even ten years ago, starting a business importing goods from China was difficult. Nowadays, its so easy, even children are doing it.

Digital platforms have brought the inventory of China right to your screen. Whats more, they also integrate services like logistics, payments, and trust and safety.

These awesome moms built a nation-wide business importing from digital platforms.

According to Accenture, digital platform’s are driving the most profound global macroeconomic changes since the industrial revolution.

Below are some advantages of importing goods from China with digital platform DHgate.

The Advantages of Platform Importing Include:

First of all, let’s talk about what DHgate is.

DHgate is an international trade marketplace platform. So, we are a place where merchants and their clients can connect and do business. To buy globally, sell globally.

Our users enjoy the benefits and protections afforded by our platform. We pride ourselves on providing a completely safe, trustworthy marketplace for global business.

Furthermore, DHgate also integrates any service you could ever need for importing goods from China.

It’s simple. Importing goods from China with rock-bottom manufacturer-direct prices. Pay per item/service as you go. We take care of the rest. That’s it.

We have millions of buyers and sellers who have launched and grew their businesses through DHgate.

2. Escrow Payment

  1. First of all, when a buyer purchases something on DHgate, we hold onto the money for a short time. Putting it “into escrow.”
  2. Next, you as the buyer, confirm you have received the goods and that your order is correct.
  3. Last, we pay the seller.
DHgate escrow payment for importing goods from china

As an importer, we want you to know if the supplier makes a mistake we won’t let them have your money.

Escrow pay has worked very well for us as an incentive for suppliers and buyers to maintain 100% honesty. It’s a natural approach.

Buyer confirmation to release escrow funds applies to all order details. These details could include quality, accuracy, shipping times, honesty, etc.

As a result, escrow payment adds the ultimate level of cross-border transaction security, a human element.

We take any supplier mistake very seriously. If you have experienced any issue, please contact us immediately.

If you are a DHgate user, customer service is available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

No matter what time it is, or where you are in the world, your mind can certainly rest easy.

We want you to view our live chat option as a smiling, friendly employee who is here for you. Just like at your local retail store.

Our team is here to answer ANY and ALL of your questions or help solve your problem.

4. Dispute Resolution

Have you ever had a nightmare experience dealing with a supplier?

Besides, it’s not like you will ever meet any of these people in person.

Good news, we have professional dispute resolution officers, at no extra charge. Our dispute resolution officers are professionally trained moderators. They are completely neutral.

If you run into any abnormality with a supplier, contact customer service and explain your situation.

They will assign a Dispute Resolution officer to you, his/her first priority is to make sure no one gets cheated. They will adhere to the platform rules.

After 12 years of doing this, we’ve seen every trick in the book that any exporter or importer could try and pull. As a result, we also document all conversations.

5. Full Trust and Safety Team

An international trade marketplace needs to be well regulated. Furthermore, all transactions must be fair to all parties.

We want our buyers and sellers alike to trust DHgate. We would be disappointed if a user was uncomfortable importing goods from China with us.

Our TNS department consists of a broad range of security and risk management professionals. We also have payment, fraud, product, and overall e-commerce.

TNS’s specialty system inspects every single order we process. We even have proprietary software that flags suspicious orders for manual review.

It is hard work to provide the safest environment possible for you to do business, but it is our top priority.

DHgate Promise

6. Largest Product Selections Available

According to Deloitte, China is the worlds most competitive manufacturing country. DHgate is China’s largest B2B focused marketplace.

We are proud to bring you 7.7 million listed products from 1.4 million suppliers. We have 26 major product categories, all with 15+ subcategories.

If you need it, you can probably find it here. We strive to be the best place for…