melania trump
First lady Melania Trump is the target of many a conspiracy theory.
AP Photo/Evan Vucci

First lady Melania Trump’s reserved public persona has been the target of a slew of conspiracy theories since her husband’s 2016 election, all of which her staff have been quick to shut down.

It’s hard to track which one came first, but it’s sure none of them will be the last.

Here are four outlandish conspiracy theories about Trump, and the reasoning behind their spread.

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Some think she’s a Russian spy.

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As “evidence,” internet commenters point to a chat she had with Russian President Vladimir Putin at a dinner for last year’s G-20 Summit.

While Trump doesn’t speak Russian, she does know English, French, German, Italian, and Serbian, in addition to her native Slovenian — more languages than any previous American first lady.

Many saw her engaged in conversation at dinner with Putin, and reports described the two as friendly during the meal.

But there is no proof that Trump and Putin have had any other interaction, and no reason to think she has performed any work as a Russian spy beyond the occasional satire piece.

She has worked as a model and is a self-described “full-time mom,” but hasn’t mentioned Russian intelligence as a specialty.


Some think she doesn’t live in the…