The Stanley Cup playoffs, summertime weddings, Father’s Day, and old fishing stores provide content marketers with interesting topics to cover in June 2018.

Content marketing is the act of creating, publishing, and distributing articles, videos, podcasts, and similar content with the specific goal of attracting, engaging, and retaining customers.

Often the best forms of content marketing are helpful, informative, or entertaining. What follows are five content marketing ideas your business can use in June 2018.

1. Stanley Cup Playoffs

The National Hockey League’s iconic trophy, the Stanley Cup, is named for Lord Stanley of Preston who was appointed General Governor of Canada in June 1888. Lord Stanley quickly became a fan and supporter of the hockey.

The original cup was made in Sheffield, England. It cost 10 guineas. But winning it is priceless for the teams competing in a long and excruciating playoff.

The NHL's Stanley Cup Playoffs last from April to June. It is no easy task to win.
The NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoffs last from April to June. It is no easy task to win.

To earn it, a team must finish among the top 16 franchises at the end of the NHL’s regular season and then survive four rounds of playoffs.

Each of the playoff rounds consists of a best-of-seven series. If each series ran its full course, the Stanley-Cup-winning team (and its final opponent) would have played 28 games. So it is little wonder that the NHL playoffs, which started on April 11, 2018, won’t be done until sometime in June.

This event provides content marketers with several opportunities for articles, podcasts, videos, or similar content. Here are a few examples to spark your creativity.

  • Fashion retailer: Critique player and coach attire during post-game press conferences. Was that a Salvatore Ferragamo tie?
  • Power tool retailer: Describe the tools and techniques used to sharpen playoff hockey skates. Is it done by hand? Do you use a grinder?
  • Fitness products seller: Publish a series of workout plans meant to improve skating performance.

2. Weddings and Anniversaries

In a comment to an earlier edition of content marketing ideas, contributor Elizabeth Hollingsworth pointed out that June is the beginning of the wedding season in some countries. This is a fact Statista supports, noting that about 35…