amazon delivery
An Amazon delivery vehicle.
Reuters/Lucy Nicholson
  • A stolen dog was found at the home of a driver contracted by Amazon to deliver packages in the UK.
  • News events like this one could affect the willingness of people to use services like Amazon Key.
  • Amazon Key has built-in safeguards, but it ultimately still allows a stranger to enter your home.
  • Most customers already don’t trust services like Amazon Key, according to a recent survey.

An Amazon customer in the UK finally got his dog back after the company tracked it down to the home of a driver who had recently made a delivery to the customer’s home.

The driver, who was not an Amazon employee, allegedly entered the customer’s home unauthorized through an unlocked door, the dog’s owner told Buzzfeed. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos intervened to help bring the stolen dog home after he received an email from its owner.

Amazon said there was no excuse for the incident. “This is inexcusable and does not reflect the high standards we have for our delivery partners,” a spokesman told Business Insider.

Granted, it’s a small and isolated incident, but even one is likely too many for a company that is asking for more and more trust from its customers. It also isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Amazon-contracted delivery people walking around in customers’ homes uninvited.

Customers are still unsure about…