content marketing

I’m having one of those weeks. Are all the emails and the meetings really worth my time? Shouldn’t I be getting on with crafting something with my bare hands?

Sometimes it’s hard to get to the nub of what you do best, and how best you can help your company succeed. If you’re creatively minded, shouldn’t you be doing everything you can to hone your creative instincts, to find new outlets for your creativity?

This, I think, is central to the argument about creativity that agency land is having at the moment. What should a creative agency do? Should we be worried when too many people are bogged down in bureaucracy? Is there too much delegating and account management? Or a long-winded approval process? Or too much meaningless reporting?

I also see a microcosm of this in ‘content strategy’ and ‘writing for the web’. I’ve put those terms in inverted commas to frame the debate.

These are some of the ideas drummed into me when creating content or writing for the web:

  • Know your audience. What are they looking for? What’s popular with them?
  • Get all the right words in your H1 tag.
  • Front-load your headlines for maximum saliency and impact in search.
  • Get to the point faster. More brevity.
  • Follow George Orwell’s five rules for effective writing.
  • Don’t make the user think.
  • What is the call to action?
  • Short sentences. Full stops.
  • Do gap analysis to find out what topics you should focus on to make the biggest impact in search; ie where are the quick…