The world’s top advertisers are calling for the industry to come together to reform the digital ad ecosystem to make it safer, more transparent and more consumer friendly, and are threatening to stop working with any company that doesn’t comply.

The new Global Media Charter, published by the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), sets out eight clear principles designed to improve the digital marketing ecosystem. Building on concerns highlighted by brands including Procter & Gamble and Unilever, it aims to confront issues in transparency, brand safety, ad fraud and viewability by creating a framework that agencies, ad tech firms and publishers should comply with if they want to secure ad revenue in the future.

Advertisers including P&G, Mastercard, Diageo and Unilever have worked on the framework, alongside advertiser associations in markets including the US, China, Japan, Germany and France. The move comes as consumer trust in ads has fallen to an all-time low and ad blocking use continues to grow. The WFA believes the only way to rebuild trust is to reform certain practices, particularly around the responsible use of data.

“The digital ecosystem has grown so rapidly, it’s no wonder that it’s far from perfect. But the time for indulgence is over. The largest chunk of the world’s marketing budgets is now invested in digital platforms and advertisers have a right…