Chipotle Burrito
Hollis Johnson
  • Chipotle has added drive-thrus to five locations across the US.
  • Unlike at most drive-thrus, customers need to order ahead, either online or through the chain’s app.
  • Chipotle is looking for new ways to drive sales, exploring new menu items and boosting delivery.

Chipotle has started adding drive-thrus to restaurants — but it is a little bit different from how other fast-food chains operate.

Five Chipotle locations in the US have added drive-thru windows, CNBC reported. Chipotle restaurants in Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, and Massachusetts are among those that have added drive-thrus.

However, instead of ordering at the window, customers need to order ahead via the Chipotle app or an online form.

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Chipotle’s drive-thru…