Shopping has never been easier. Technology has made it so that you can literally shout “OK Alexa, order some dog food,” and Fido’s dinner turns up on your doorstep in a matter of hours. As convenient as this is for the consumer, what does this mean for the pet store down the street? Online shopping is booming, and there’s no denying it will only get bigger. However, brick-and-mortar stores remain. What are they to do?

Of course, not all technology is hurting retail stores. There are several online tools designed to convert browsers to buyers. This makes competing against retail giant Amazon plausible for traditional stores. Retail stores can capitalize on these technologies to get new customers and reward loyal ones with an effortless shopping experience.

The Value Of Advertising Online

Google’s Shopping Actions can help that pet store, and many other stores, sell more products online. Customers demand a personalized shopping experience and at the same time, they’re prepared to make purchasing decisions quicker than ever. Shopping Actions allows customers to buy from many stores using search or a voice assistant with a universal cart, instant checkout and one-click reordering.

As far as driving people to the store, retailers can use…