1. Consumers still don’t understand how brands use their data

With GDPR now in effect, 48% of consumers still don’t understand where and how organisations use their personal data, up from 31% when the research was last conducted two years ago.

Just 7% feel they have a good understanding of how companies use their data, with 45% saying they “somewhat understand”. But less than a fifth (18%) believe businesses treat people’s personal data in an honest and transparent way.

Less than half (41%) of those questioned are aware of the new data regulations, but of those that are, 68% think it will improve how organisations use data. However, just 43% say they “know their rights as a consumer in relation to data protection”.

Despite the lack of understanding, trust in how marketers use consumers’ data has improved. In the last survey, 57% of the public did not trust marketers to use their data responsibly but this has fallen to 37%. However, only 6% would trust all organisations, with 48% saying only some have their trust.

Distrust in social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter is particularly high at 73%. Just 16% agree that technology platforms treat personal data in an honest and transparent way and only 6% feel they “mostly” understand how their data is used.

Source: CIM

2. UK retail sales hit 18-month high

UK retail sales saw the biggest increase for the past 18 months during April, jumping 1.6%, following a tough March where poor weather forced consumers to stay at home.

This figure exceeded expectations of a 0.9% rise, helping…