Study: Amazon Tops Brand Trust Ranks But Apple, Best Buy Polarize Shoppers

With 100 million Prime members under its belt, Amazon has no difficulties building a loyal consumer base. In fact, when it comes to the 10 top-grossing retailers, 30% of consumers selected Amazon as the brand they trust the most, according to the recently launched the Brand Trust Index.

Apple and Best Buy, meanwhile, generated the most polarizing responses, with shoppers ranking their experiences with the retailers as either extremely positive or extremely negative. Club warehouses Costco and Sam’s Club have the highest aspirational appeal ratings, according to the study.

Developed by Soulmates.AI and psychometric research firm psyML, the study surveyed more than 4,000 shoppers and measured trust along three major dimensions — brand loyalty, brand reliance and emotional appeal — and 12 subdimensions.

Instead of asking whether a consumer trusts a brand or not, respondents were asked to rank how they agreed with statements such as, “Apple’s creativity is what makes them a good brand” or “Macy’s is only interested in making money.”

Over all, the scores of the…