Wholesale 101: Verifying Suppliers for Your Online Store

Not to be dramatic, but wholesale suppliers are the lifeblood of online retailing. Without a good supplier to steer you toward the items that you sell, you will find it hard to increase sales or even grow as much as you would have liked.

Hence, finding and working with the right manufacturers or suppliers is crucial to your business success. Verifying wholesalers for your online store helps ensure that you end up working with genuine suppliers. Here’s how you can verify manufacturers and suppliers for your online business:

Make personal contact

Finding legitimate suppliers to buy wholesale from is hard work. The best way to protect yourself from scams is to make personal contact, if possible, with suppliers before you proceed to make a purchase. Don’t pay a huge sum of money in blind faith.

Research the organization

Suppliers are essential to online retailing, so, it’s easy to want to get started and jump the gun on the first one with a semi-decent website. However, it is critical that you do your research before you close the sale. It’s imperative to know who your future partner is. How do they conduct business? What experiences have other retailers have had with them? Look up their website if they have one and read user reviews online. Don’t rely solely on ones on their site, as they may be fake. You never know if they are courtesy of the owner’s grandmother has too much time on their hands or they are the result of paid reviews off Craigslist. Googling…