11 LinkedIn Experts Share Their Best LinkedIn Hacks for Marketing

Through the years, LinkedIn continues to grow as a platform to generate quality leads for businesses. In fact, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn, and fully 79% of B2B marketers say that Linkedin has been an effective avenue for lead generation.

Whatever your business goals are, whether to have wider visibility, to increase product sales, to improve customer service or to grow brand awareness, there is so much to gain by using LinkedIn to promote your products or services. These goals are practically attainable by having a solid LinkedIn marketing plan.

So, I reached out to 10 LinkedIn experts, who understand the social media platform by heart, to share with us their best unusual hack to amp up their LinkedIn marketing game.

LinkedIn Hacks

Keep reading and learn from the 11 LinkedIn marketing unicorns:

Michaela Alexis, President of Grade A Digital

Never share an article.

After you’ve published your article, grab the URL and create an update about the piece and explaining who would benefit from reading it. This allows you to give more context, AND, if it’s a great article, it’ll double your chances of viral activity.

Brian Dean, Founder Backlinko

If you want to get lots of engagement on your LinkedIn posts, DON’T write content that only appeals to a tiny group of experts. Instead, post stuff that your mom could comment on. For example, my friend John Doherty had a LinkedIn post that went World War Z Viral (10 million views and 97,000 comments. Insane.).

What was it about? The day John decided to become an entrepreneur.

Whether or not you’ve started your own business, you can still relate in some way to John’s post. And because so many people could relate, they liked and commented on it in droves. I’ve noticed the same thing: posts that appeal to a mass audience do best.

In fact, here are the topics of my 3 of my most successful LinkedIn posts:

-Haters and online trolls (164k views)
-Popups (97k views)
-Flying business class vs. coach (278k views)

See? You don’t need to be an expert in ANYTHING to engage with posts about trolls and popups. In short: on LinkedIn, don’t be afraid to go broad. If you’re not sure if your topic is broad enough, ask yourself: “Would my mom comment on this?”.

Dennis Yu, Founder of Blitzmetrics