It’s official: Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce. As of 2017, 56 million millennials were either employed or seeking work, according to the Pew Research Center. Chances are your warehouse already employs a few of these digital natives.

As the ecommerce fulfillment industry experiences rapid change, millennials are both a blessing and a curse. They offer valuable skills and insights, especially in the warehouse. Having grown up in a connected world, they can quickly grasp and advance new technologies to promote understanding and efficiency.

However as with other industries, millennial values and warehouse demands can find themselves at odds. According to Deloitte’s Millennial Mindset report, they dislike ambiguity more than any other generation – not the best trait in a field where demand can soar overnight. They also value flexible schedules, which can be challenging in an always-on warehouse environment.

So how can you counteract these concerns and build a millennial-friendly workplace? First, it’s important to dispel the stereotypes. You’ll never be able to maintain a positive relationship with your new staffers unless you understand their approach to work.

Consider these 3 suggestions as you bring the next generation into your warehouse:

Focus on Their Specific Needs

In a Millennials + Work study by Department26, researchers found that millennials are motivated by a desire for wealth, though not in the traditional sense of the word. Wealth for millennials is defined as experiences.

Department26 also discovered that our notions of millennials as “job-hoppers” isn’t always the case. Fifty percent expect to stay at a new job for at least five years. However, millennials pointed to frustration and loneliness as two primary…