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Amazon Senior Vice President David Limp shows new voice-controlled Echo and Echo Plus devices announced at an event at the headquarters in Seattle, Washington, September, 27, 2017.
Jeffrey Dastin/Reuters
  • A baby in the UK apparently said “Alexa” before he said “mama” or “dada,” his parents, Lottie Ledger and Mark Brady, told Caters News Agency.
  • It’s another example of a new technology becoming commonplace enough that it can affect children early in their lives.
  • Amazon recently came out with a kid’s edition of its popular Alexa-enabled Echo Dot device. It’s tailored to a younger crowd with features designed specifically with them in mind.

For at least one couple in the UK, Alexa was more important to their baby than mommy or daddy.

Parents Lottie Ledger and Mark Brady told the UK’s Caters News Agency that their one-year-old child said the word “Alexa” to an Amazon Echo device before saying any of the more classic first words.

“One day he managed it. We…