Shaving startup aims to break taboo around female body hair

A startup shaving startup for women is attempting to normalise body hair by showing woman shaving real hair from their bodies – including arm pits, legs, lower belly and toes – in its new ad.

The ad, titled ‘Project Body Hair’, marks the first time a female shaving brand has shown women shaving real hair – a stark contrast to most shaving adverts which traditionally depict women shaving their already bare skin.

US-based Billie, which launched in 2017, uses a number of females, of various shapes, sizes and backgrounds, in its advert which features the slogan: “Hair. Everyone has it. Even women”.

Billie’s co-founder Georgina Gooley says the brand went through hundreds of years’ worth of women’s razor blades ads before coming up with the idea to show real hair.

“You’re in the business of hair removal and you’re not even allowed to show hair because body hair on women is such a taboo. You can’t even show a product demonstration of how your razor works,” she says. “That just seemed crazy, the fact that we had to pretend we live in this world where women don’t have hair at all.”

Google opposes major overhaul of European copyright law

Google is being criticised for its stance against an overhaul of the European copyright laws, with the search giant accused of asking publishers to lobby against the changes on its behalf.

Reports suggest Google is encouraging news publishers to participate in its Digital News Initiative (DNI) lobby, going against the proposed changes that would hinder the free flow of information and change the way the internet works.

As part of the proposed changes the likes of Twitter would need to gain a licence to show snippets of news content.

It is understood any potential changes to the law would need to be approved by MEPs next week with some lawmakers already suggesting they’re against the reform.

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