Welcome to the most candid and humorous breakdown of the week’s top headlines in retail — Buff or Fluff?

Here’s how Buff or Fluff? works:

  1. Three of the most talked about stories from the week are culled from the headlines and then listed in order of importance based on Google Trends.
  2. A “basic gist” description is given for each headline.
  3. Each headline is determined to be either buff (i.e. important) or fluff (i.e. not important).
  4. Unparalleled analysis is given as to why it is either buff or fluff.

Ready? Enjoy!

Basic Gist: Somehow the date for Amazon Prime Day may have leaked out.

Buff or Fluff? Fluff

Unparalleled Analysis You Won’t Find Anywhere Else: It does not matter if consumers or the competition find out when Prime Day will be held. Amazon probably only keeps it secret to build anticipation. There is little the competition can do to thwart the event. The competition is Alderaan, and Amazon is the Death Star . No leak stands a chance of stopping Amazon’s powerful green laser this year. Expect many, many more people to have Echo Looks in their homes come August.

Headline #2: The U.S. Supreme Court Clears The Way For States To Collect Sales Tax

Basic Gist: The Supreme Court decided on Thursday that e-commerce retailers need to start paying sales tax.

Buff or Fluff? Fluff

Unparalleled Analysis You Won’t Find Anywhere Else: The possibility of this decision has been on the table for years. Amazon already pays sales tax, so this decision only impacts the likes of Wayfair, Overstock, and,…