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This is no laughing matter.
Jimmy Kimmel Live
  • CVS is so notorious for its comically-long receipts that they have appeared everywhere from Jimmy Kimmel Live to internet memes and Halloween costumes.
  • As a result, CVS gave customers the option to opt out of coupon-heavy paper receipts in 2016.
  • But when Business Insider talked to CVS employees from around the country to see if anyone still uses the comically-long receipts, they said that many loyal customers still love and use them.

It’s hard to tell whether CVS’s notoriously long receipts are the butt of the joke or if CVS is in on it.

But after speaking with several CVS employees, it’s clear that for every detractor of the comically long receipts there are out there, there are far more fans.

“People really do use them,” Michael Tang, who has been a clerk and pharmacy technician trainee in Arlington, Texas, since January, told Business Insider. “Coupons from the receipt are usually based on what the consumer buys. Hence, it is a little incentive to help them stock up.”

The receipts are commonly lampooned online for their absurd length.

They’ve also become a talk show fixture. The lengthy papers made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and became a running joke on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. The comedian even invited then-President Barack Obama on the show to ask about the coupons.

“It seems to me to be excessive,” Kimmel said in the 2015 episode. “Now there’s the Snickers bar up there and the rest are just coupons and junk. Can you do something about this?”

As the receipt memes piled up, marketing experts saw that CVS could transform this meme into a powerful brand moment.

“When patrons launch grassroots memes at the expense of brands, companies ought to leverage the lolz, be confident enough to poke…