Millennials want retailers to raise the bar on e-commerce delivery efforts, especially when it comes to cost, location and communications.

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Over a third of global online shoppers (39.7%) reported challenges when receiving their online orders, with cost and speed being the biggest factors impacting satisfaction, according to “The Everyday Essentials of Successful E-Commerce Fulfillment,” a report from Radial.

According to the study, there is a 12% disparity in satisfaction between millennials (18-24 year olds) and individuals older than 55. For U.S. millennials, for example, 33.5% were frustrated that it took too long to receive their online orders, and 20.6% complained that high costs for priority delivery were not worth the convenience.

Nearly half of all respondents said they choose to pick up some goods ordered online in the store. The numbers were especially high in the U.K. (54%), followed by Canada (40.7%) and the U.S. (37.7%). Among those who did opt for in-store pick-up, the biggest…