2018 Honda Accord Sport.

Honda is in the midst of the well-publicized struggle by Japanese brands to keep Americans interested in the iconic sedans in which they’ve invested so much equity over the decades — including the Honda Accord full-size model.

But in addition to a new version of Accord that many rate as the best ever, Honda is bringing new weapons to its marketing, including a technology platform that enhances the Honda ownership experience.

While competing in a U.S. market where sales have been cooling off from record levels in 2016, Honda enjoys poone of the most solid brand reputations in the business; a fleet of fuel-efficient, stylish, high-quality vehicles; and a sterling sedan nameplate in the latest version of the venerable Honda Accord. And as the “Trophy City” campaign for the 10th generation Accord attests, Honda isn’t resting on its laurels.

“You have to start with a great product and a strong brand to have success in [the] journey,” Tom Peyton, assistant vice president of U.S. marketing operations for Honda, told me. “Honda continues to work very hard to have a better product and a better experience in the market, and that gets lost a little bit in today’s smart tech world. It still all starts with a great product and a great brand.”