Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day, the 20th annual day that raises awareness and funds to support animal rescue and shelter pet adoption. But some corporate offices have already gone to the dogs.

They allow employees to bring their dogs to work every day of the year. While plenty of companies offer perks like gym memberships and subsidized childcare, many also recognize that, especially for animal-loving millennials, pets are part of the family, too.

Pet-friendly companies with open door policies for dog owners to bring their pups to work often cite benefits such as a stress relief as one of the reasons for allowing pets in the office. Some also highlight that four-legged friends help employees break the ice during tense meetings and encourage more friendly socializing in the office.

Take Your Dog to Work Day caps an entire Take Your Pet to Work Week, including the much more complicated-sounding Take Your Cat to Work Day (celebrated on June 18 this year.) Here are 10 companies where every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day.


Pets are welcome all year at the Grand Rapids, Mich. headquarters of this privately-owned home care company. Seventy percent of Bissell employees are pet owners, and in 2011, Cathy Bissell started the Bissell Pet Foundation to promote and support spay-neuter programs and shelter pet adoption. Bissell, the wife of CEO Mark, notes that in 2017 alone, the foundation raised over $1 million.


The Seattle-based e-commerce giant is proud of its