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  • Google should give away its $49 Home Mini smart speaker for free to every household in the US, according to Morgan Stanley.
  • Such a giveaway would cost $3.3 billion, but ensure that Google is in prime position for what could be the next major platform shift.
  • Smart speakers will be a key to the rise of “voice commerce” and Amazon’s foothold in consumer homes gives it a strong lead.

Morgan Stanley’s financial analysts argue that for Google, there’s no place like Home.

In four years, 70 percent of US households will own a smart speaker, which consumers will increasingly turn to for shopping and entertainment. To make sure that a big share of those devices are Google’s, the company should give Google Home Minis free of charge to consumers in the United States and maybe even across the globe, Morgan Stanley analyst Brian Nowak wrote in research note Thursday.

Smart speakers, like the Google Home and the Amazon Echo, are a hit with consumers and they’re going to continue to sell fast, Nowak says. Because these devices present so many important opportunities, Google needs to move fast and get its smart gadgets into homes faster than competitors.

If it doesn’t, Amazon’s…