Procter & Gamble is pushing its work on improving diversity in the ad industry further as it looks to ensure that its company, supply chain and advertising more accurately portray the audience it serves.

At the Cannes in Colour event held by Spotify this week (19 June), Pritchard spoke passionately about why diversity matters to P&G, explaining that the FMCG giant sees it as a “force for good and a force for growth”. For example, if the gender and race pay gaps were eliminated, that would add $2.1tn in spending power to the global economy, which he argued would help all brands grow.

And, he added, at a time when brands are looking to push a more personalised message, not having a diverse range of people in advertising makes no sense.

“The days of general audience and general marketing are gone and that is a good thing. People want to see themselves, and to see brands with points of view – that is what is going to connect with people,” he said.

“If you are not doing multicultural marketing, particularly in a place like America, you’re not doing marketing.”

P&G has launched a number of initiatives in Cannes to improve the portrayal of people in its advertising by improving the diversity of its supply chain, with the hope this will lead to 100% accurate and positive portrayals of people in advertising and media.

The days of general audience and general marketing are gone. People want to see…