Samsung Galaxy 8

It may seem odd that marketing a company at the forefront of driving innovation through technology is overseen by a self-confessed “analogue” marketer. However, according to Samsung Electronics’ global CMO YH Lee this is a distinct advantage.

Lee says her background in consumer goods at L’Oréal and UniIever helps her take a more customer-orientated view at a company that has arguably become more focused on product. She is happy to ask the “stupid questions”, she adds.

“I’m not at all technologically savvy – I’m more analogue,” she says. “[Not having a technology background] has helped me to differentiate myself and talk and behave as a consumer.”

She appreciates that if she doesn’t get something then customers won’t either, so she takes all the “difficult technology” Samsung has developed and interprets it for everyone using “very basic consumer language”.

Lee was speaking to Marketing Week following a presentation she and Samsung Electronics’ US CMO Marc Mathieu gave on “humanising the brand” at the World Federation of Advertisers recent Global Marketer Week.

They shared how Samsung is refocusing its innovation and communications from technology-first to customer-first. This is illustrated in its current ‘Human Nature’ campaign, which uses the strapline ‘Do What You Can’t’ and highlights how its products document and help people overcome odds.

Mattieu, despite a similar background in FMCG at Unilever and Coca-Cola, is known for his embrace of emerging technology – he was named one of the “most tech-savvy” CMOs earlier this year by AdWeek. However,…