Sara Blakely familySara Blakely/Facebook
Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx, and her four kids.
  • Spanx founder Sara Blakely is one of the richest self-made women in the world.
  • Blakely said her father encouraged her to always share her failures along with her accomplishments.
  • Blakely told Business Insider that she’s passing the lesson onto her four kids: “One of the parenting things I think is so important is not praising the child, but praising the effort.”

From a young age, Spanx founder Sara Blakely was encouraged to take risks.

In a Business Insider video, Blakely said her dad used to invite her and her brother to share their failures at the dinner table. Instead of being disappointed or upset, he would celebrate their efforts.

“What it did was reframe my definition of failure,” Blakely said of the tradition. “Failure for me became not trying, versus the outcome.”

Eventually, Blakely began to…